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Its just happen about 2 days ago when I’m looking news @yahoo. i’m look for new group music called answer sheet, pleasure music.which is they have really cool genre and type of music. you can enjoyed it, and its still good for every-age.

very enjoyable

these cool duo's From Yogyakarta

..and then i’m watch talented man named leonardo ringo, and he’s genius musician who dont just playing ordinary (and startly boring) rock music, but he put folk music in there, so the result is: awesome.

Gokil ni orang

vokalis zeke and the popo

He mixed rocks and folks, awesome!

but i think i will review them later, coz the most interesting is after i satisfied with hearing them..

I search other leonardo ringo music  @youtube, And then, when i finish watch that video, my eyes stuck on some video that picture shows some gorgeus young lady, the title is:

..Priscilla Ahn, find my way back home.

so i click the video.. first thing i heard is, i thought some kind-like-Angel-voice is singing..

“God, the voice is so soft, and make me feel so calm,, and the next thing in my mind is:

I think I’m  fall in love with this lady, especially with her bloody lovely song.”

You know she is singing a incredible, she singing song which is the combination of her voice and the song makes really stong atmosphere, and you can feel it,  it’s feel like warm and, love, in her voice.

And the song have good ambiance, its carries everybody who hear the singer sing, just like in good and calm mood.

So this is the video.

Priscilla Ahn. Find my way back home.

you can hear one of beautifull voice, lovely song in this video..
its makes you feel calm, relax, and peace.. and at the same time it bring out your melancolic feeling from the deepest of your heard, if you listen it carefully.

and you know, i think everybody will feeling love and warm from the voice.

And the most lovely thing is she is so generous, on other video of her song,  she’s comunicating with audience even when the audience make big sound (like drop something, i dont know, but its make her surprise) she even makes the situation still good, and she laugh in the middle of the song, and its not broke the song, its even makes the song more lovely. I love when she’s laugh. : )

This is the song when she laugh, and giggled, its so cute : )

Priscilla Ahn Performs “Ooh La La” @ the Sundance ASCAP Music Cde (HD)

Priscilla Ahn Performs “Vibe So Hot” “And she giggled again, lol.

Priscilla Ahn Performs “Elf” And this is when she’s  shocked coz the big sound from something drop, i dont know, the sound comes from the audience, and she’s said “”You okay?” That scared the sh*t outta me!” So hilarious to hear Priscilla use profanity.

ande she’s still so young, and if anybody who love feist will be love this too.. oh yeah she’s playin’ accoustic guitar, almost all of her song is extremly beautifull, her genre is about folk, maybe, but it’s light, and very calm. : )

this her lovely pictures.

-Priscilla Ahn-

U know she's is absolutely georgeus. Kinda love it both the singer and the voice.

And this is her profile. i take it from @wikipedia

Priscilla Ahn (born March 9, 1984) is a Korean American singer-songwriter.

Early life and education

Ahn was born Priscilla Natalie Hartranft in Fort Stewart, Georgia to Kay (née Ahn) and Harry Hartranft and spent her childhood living in the USA and South Korea. She lived in Berks County, Pennsylvania for several years and attended Tulpehocken Area High School. Her college music professor was impressed with her songwriting talents and inspired her to move to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in music after finishing school.


Ahn adopted her Korean mother’s maiden name for her musical career. She has toured with Joshua Radin, Amos Lee, and Ray Lamontagne and contributed vocals to the albums Supply and Demand and Kaleidoscope.[3]

In June 2008 she was selected as Artist of the Week in Paste magazine.[4] She appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in May 2011.[citation needed]

Two of her songs have been part of Grey’s Anatomy episodes.[5][6] Her song “I Don’t Think So” was featured on an episode of Knight Rider. Her song,”Dream” was featured on the soundtracks of the films Disturbia, Bride Wars and Love Happens.[7] Her song was also heard on an episodes of the Ghost Whisperer, One Tree Hill, Holby City, Make it or Break it Brothers & Sisters, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, So You Think You Can Dance and Eli Stone.[8] The song “Living In A Tree” was part of a Jeep Wrangler commercial. Her song “Find My Way Back Home” was part of the soundtrack for the films My Sister’s Keeper and Free Willy: Escape from Pirate’s Cove, and the ITV drama Married Single Other. Her song, entitled “A Good Day (Morning Song)” was part of an episode of Psych. Most recently, Ahn’s song “I Don’t Have Time to be in Love” was featured on an episode of the South Korean sitcom “High Kick 3”.

Personal life

Priscilla Ahn married Michael Weston in March 2010.[9]



  • A Good Day, Blue Note Records, June 10, 2008.
  • When You Grow Up, Blue Note Records, May 3, 2011.


  • Priscilla Ahn (2007, self-released)
  • Live Session, (2008, iTunes)
  • Sweet Hearts, (2012, With Charlie Wadhams)


  • “Dream” (2008, Blue Note)
  • “I’ll Never Smile Again” (2009)
  • “I Am Strong” by Tiesto featuring vocals by Priscilla Ahn (2009)

Music videos

  • “Dream”
  • “Red Cape”
  • “Vibe So Hot”
  • “I Don’t Have Time To Love”
  • “When You Grow Up”
  • “Torch Song”

Compilation appearances

  • His Way, Our Way (Sinatra Tribute)


  • Vocals and Piano on Joshua Radin – We Were Here, Columbia, February 7, 2006 (as Priscilla Hartranft)
  • Vocals on Amos Lee – Suppy and Demand, Blue Note Records, October 3, 2006
  • Vocals on Joshua Radin – Unclear Sky EP, iTunes Exclusive EP, February 12, 2008
  • Vocals on William Fitzsimmons – The Sparrow and the Crow, Mercer Street, September 30, 2008

Nb. she already married 😦   LOL..  Have a happy live, Priscilla. : )

And i find her blog, she have personal profile, and i copy it (I’m sorry i dont ask your permission, but i use it for good purpose, will ya) 😀


Growth emerges as the central theme of Priscilla Ahn’s album When You Grow Up, a stunning 12-song set produced by Ethan Johns that exhibits Ahn’s profound growth as an artist and a songwriter. Ahn wrote or co-wrote all but one of the album’s songs, threading a loose storyline through life’s ups and downs, her angelic voice narrating the experiences through which we grow.

In a way, it was mischievous for Ahn to name her album When You Grow Up. After all, nobody stops growing until the day they exit this mortal coil. We find and lose love, meet new friends, visit different places, and add to our skill sets. Our emotions become more complex. We establish patterns, then break them for a much-needed change of pace. That’s why the sophomore full-length from the California singer-songwriter resonates so powerfully: She funneled these phases and stages of life into the genesis of When You Grow Up, even as she reflected upon them in her inimitable style.

“The other day I was reading some old blogs of mine, from five or six years ago,” Ahn divulges. The young woman in that prose was almost unrecognizable. Back then, she was still discovering her voice as an artist, struggling to articulate emotions, even as basic necessities—like food and shelter—were often up-in-the-air. “My life was so different compared to how it is now.” But good things emerged from that turbulence. She fashioned the songs featured on her 2008 debut A Good Day, including the sleeper hit “Dream,” which found its way into several films and TV shows. There were tours with heavyweight colleagues: Ray LaMontagne, Amos Lee, Willie Nelson. She met her fiancée, and after several years of courtship, they married in 2010. The chaos reflected in those long-ago blogs had subsided. “There’s definitely a peace to life these days that I’ve never really known before.”

There is a persistent myth that when an artist is content and settled, the muse goes into hiding. At first, Priscilla wrestled with this age-old canard. “Writing before seemed so much easier, in a way. These days I process my feelings so much better, through thinking about them or journaling or meditation. I was worried there was nothing left to write songs about!” In fact, what she learned was how to dig deeper in her music, uncovering epiphanies from smaller, quieter moments. “These songs happened in a period of my life where I re-discovered, or discovered for the first time, different parts of who I am.”

She also broke out of her established pattern of self-reliance, and wrote with other musicians: Sia Furler, Inara George, Eleni Mandell, Charlie Wadhams. The lone cover on the album is the frolicsome love call “Vibe So Hot,” which was written by Benji Hughes. Although there were opportunities to work with well-known veterans, the process came most naturally when it didn’t stray far outside her immediate social orbit. It was George—the voice of the bird and the bee, and co-author of the twinkling “City Lights (Pretty Lights)”—who pointed her towards their fellow Los Angeles denizen Mandell. In turn, that pair concocted the standout “Oo La La.” Much like that jazzy collaboration, in which the narrator allows little deviations in a daily routine to open the door to adventure, these creative alliances helped Ahn unlock a more mature, sophisticated approach to her craft.

The next step was translating the fledgling songs into demos. Although she plays myriad instruments on the album, including electric and acoustic guitar, banjo, autoharp, piano, organ, and a wide variety of keyboards, Ahn’s home studio is a very modest affair. So she used her own voice to emulate different instrumental colors and parts, layering harmonies. Many of these ideas carried over into the final record, yielding beautifully layered vocal parts that evoke the intricate, multi-tracked arrangements of the Beach Boys and Kirsty MacColl.

In pursuit of the right producer to help bring this material to full fruition, Ahn went on what she jokingly refers to as a series of “blind dates.” All of the candidates she met displayed admirable strengths and impressive credentials, but nobody clicked. Meanwhile, the perfect choice was already in her sphere: Ethan Johns had previously produced three albums for her tour mate Ray LaMontagne. Even though they’d never met, when Johns was approached about the opportunity, the acclaimed producer and multi-instrumentalist disclosed he was already a fan, smitten after seeing Ahn sing and play ukulele on Jools Holland’s UK television program.

Working with Johns brought Ahn back to England, where they hunkered down at studios in Bath and London. Initially the singer was nervous about making an album so far from the familiar surroundings, musicians, and distractions of home, but her reluctance dissipated as the project gained momentum. “Recording in England was possibly the best thing I could’ve done for the record, because I was super-focused, and we were constantly working.”

While When You Grow Up took shape, so did their working relationship. “If I said, ‘Oh I’m not sure about this or that,’ Ethan was like, ‘Okay.’ He had absolutely no ego, which is very rare.” He paid just as much attention to each and every performance. “Ethan has such a great ear for placement, making the focus be the words and the voice. I trusted that he was listening.” As additional players joined the two in the studio, the process continued in an organic fashion (including recording to tape). “It was totally old school. We would do live takes with the band, all day, and sometimes into the next. Then we’d all sit in the studio and listen back until we found the one with just the right vibe.”

The final touches came about just as naturally. Tempting as it may be to label When You Grow Up a concept album, it isn’t. The album title came to Ahn one night after dinner with Ethan’s father, industry legend Glyn Johns, long after all the songs were written. Likewise, the loose story arc that begins with childhood, progresses through cycles of romance and heartbreak, and concludes with the wise, reflective “Torch Song,” only emerged after settling on that title. That might seem a bit backwards, but it’s the nature of life—and the creative process. We never truly know what has transpired until we have time to look back and reflect. All of us, especially artists, are always in flux, ever changing. Judging from When You Grow Up, listeners can expect even bigger and better things from Priscilla Ahn over time.

and this is her collection of lovely song:

And  here  is another pictures of her.

Priscilla Ahn

Really love this lady

Priscilla Ahn

really love this lady

and how do you feel? i bet u feel the sam with me, or you just other imbicle man who already deaf and cannot feel the good song, and good singer? :O *shocked*

nah i’m not serious, whatever your choice, its up to you 😀

Priscilla Ahn

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My Boy

My Boy

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“My Boy”
Single by Elvis Presley
from the album Good Times
B-side “Thinking About You”
Released 1975
Format 7″ (45 rpm)
Recorded December 13, 1973[1]
Genre Pop
Length 3:19
Label RCA Records
Writer(s) Phil Coulter and Bill Martin (words, English); Jean Bourtayre and Claude Francois (music)

My Boy” is the title of a popular song from the early 1970s. The music was composed by Jean Bourtayre and Claude Francois , and the lyrics were translated from the original version “Parce que je t’aime, mon enfant” (Because I Love You My Child) into English by Phil Coulter and Bill Martin.

Richard Harris version

Actor Richard Harris performed the song “My Boy” at a music contest sponsored by Radio Luxembourg in 1971. Despite not winning the contest, Harris recorded the song and released it as a single later that year. Appearing on Harris’ album of the same name, the song reached #41 on the Billboard pop chart and peaked at #13 on the Billboard adult contemporary chart.[1]

Elvis Presley version

Elvis Presley recorded a cover version of “My Boy” in late 1973 that was included on his 1974 album Good Times. Presley’s version of the song reached #20 on the Billboard pop chart,[2] #14 on the Billboard country chart, and spent one week atop the Billboard adult contemporary chart in April 1975.[1]

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Lisa Ono

Lisa Ono (小野リサ, Ono Risa, born July 29, 1962) is a popular Japanese-Brazilian bossa nova singer.

Lisa Ono

Lisa Ono in 2005
Background information
Birth name Lisa Ono
Born July 29, 1962 (1962-07-29) (age 48)
Origin São Paulo, Brazil; Japan
Genres Bossa nova
Occupations Singer
Instruments Voice, guitar
Years active 1989–present
Labels MIDI (1989-1990)
BMG (1990-1996)
EMI (1996-2006)
Avex Trax/Dois Irmaos (2006-present)


Lisa Ono was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1962 but moved with her family to Tokyo at the age of 10. From that time on she spent half of every year in Japan, and half in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Although she lived in Brazil for only a short time, she was turned into a type of “MPB (Brazilian popular music) ambassador” in Japan, influenced by her father, who owned a club while living in Brazil, and was also Baden Powell de Aquino‘s agent.[1]

Lisa began singing and playing the guitar at age 15, and her debut as a professional Bossa Nova singer was in 1989. Her natural voice, rhythmic guitar playing, and her charming smile led her to a huge success and popularized Bossa Nova in Japan. She has performed with many top musicians such as Antonio Carlos Jobim and Joao Donato, and has been performing enthusiastically in New York, Brazil and Asian countries. The 1999 album Dream sold more than two hundred thousand copies in Japan, and since then she has established a determined position in the Japanese Bossa Nova community.[2]


After moving to Japan, Lisa’s father opened a new venue called Saci-Pererê, a Brazilian restaurant where she started performing mainly bossa nova and samba. Besides singing, Lisa Ono plays the guitar and is a songwriter. Her first album, Catupiry, was released in 1989. She has not stopped recording since then, releasing one disc a year, mostly in Portuguese. She soon became famous in Japan after appearing in several TV commercials.

In 1991 her album Nanã won the “Grand Prix Gold Disk Award for Jazz” in Japan. Her third album Menina was recorded in Rio de Janeiro, and won the same Grand Prix award. In 1992, Lisa released her second album on the BMG label called Serenata Carioca, and she also released her first book Felicidade. In 1994 she released Esperança, with guest appearances by Tom Jobim, Sivuca, Paulo Moura, Danilo Caymmi and Mario Adnet. In 1993, she made Minha Saudade, dedicated to works by João Donato, who also wrote the arrangements. In 1996, Antonio Adolfo co-produced her CD Rio Bossa. In 1998, Lisa released the album Bossa Carioca, produced by Paulo and Daniel Jobim. She also started a label, Nanã, aimed at promoting Brazilian music in Japan.

In 1999, Oscar Casto-Neves co-produced her CD Dream, which sold over 200,000 copies. This album was made in America, and contains classic American songs and film music from the 1940s/50s done with bossa nova arrangements. In July 2000, Lisa continued her exploration of songs in English with the release of Pretty World, co-produced by Eumir Deodato.

In the fall of 2000 she released Boas Festas, a “winter bossa” album to celebrate the Christmas season. The album includes original tunes as well as fresh bossa arragements of classic American Christmas carols. Continuing her exploration of new material, in the summer of 2001, Lisa released Bossa Hula Nova, which as the title name implies, includes some new and classic Hawaiian songs done in a bossa nova style. This album includes arrangements by Mário Adnet, who appears on many of her recordings. In March 2002, Lisa released Lisa Ono Best 1997-2001. This album also includes two wonderful new live songs recorded on Lisa’s “winter bossa” tour in December 2001. In July 2002, Lisa released Questa Bossa Mia (This Is My Bossa Nova). This CD features a new musical destination – Italy! Mário Adnet is once again involved.

In 2003 she released the album Dans Mon Île (French for “In my island”), themed around a voyage to France and based on famous French songs. Joining her once again is the Brazilian composer and arranger Mário Adnet. Guest musicians include Pierre Barouh, Richard Galliano, and Henri Salvador, who also performs a duet with Lisa on “J’ai Vu.” In the summer of 2004, Lisa released NAIMA-meu anjo, a collection of African and Arabic songs done in a bossa nova style. In November 2004, Lisa released her newest CD Boas Festas 2Feliz Natal. On this album Lisa returns to Brazil with an exceptional new “winter bossa” collection of Chistmas songs in English and Portuguese recorded with three of Brazil’s top guitarists – Toninho Horta, Oscar Castro-Neves, and Romero Lubambo.

Lisa announced the birth of her second child, a boy, on October 7, 2004.

Lisa has performed with Tom Jobim and with João Donato in Brazil, in addition to other performances around the world. Appearances in Japan include concerts at the Blue Note Tokyo with Paulo and Daniel Jobim, Toninho Horta, and Emílio Santiago.

In addition to making guest appearances on other recordings, Lisa has also created music for television commercials in Japan.[3]

As of November 2007, she has released 22 albums.

In 2009, from January to April, Lisa held her Asian tour from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, to Bangko. On March 4 of 2009, her two new albums, Cheek To Cheek – Jazz Standards from RIO – and Look To The Rainbow – Jazz Standards from L.A. – were released at the same time. The theme of both albums is Jazz music, and features arrangers from Brazil and Los Angeles. In May 2009, Lisa started Lisa Ono Concert Tour 2009 – Jazz Standards -, a tour to celebrate her two new albums.[4]


  • 1989.10.21 – CATUPIRY(MIDI
  • 1990.04.21 – NaNã
  • 1991.07.21 – menina (BMG)
  • 1992.06.21 – SERENATA CARIOCA
  • 1993.01.21 – Namorada
  • 1994.06.22 – Esperanca
  • 1995.04.21 – Minha Saudade
  • 1996.11.21 – RIO BOSSA
  • 1997.11.19 – ESSENCIA
  • 1998.07.16 – BOSSA CARIOCA
  • 1999.06.23 – DREAM
  • 2000.07.05 – Pretty World
  • 2000.11.16 – Boas Festas
  • 2001.07.11 – Bossa Hula Nova
  • 2002.07.10 – Questa Bossa Mia…
  • 2003.07.16 – DANS MON ILE
  • 2004.06.23 – NAIMA~meu anjo~
  • 2004.11.17 – Boas Festas2~Feliz Natal~
  • 2005.06.29 – Romance Latino vol.1
  • 2005.07.27 – Romance Latino vol.2
  • 2005.08.24 – Romance Latino vol.3
  • 2006.07.12 – Jambalaya -Bossa Americana-
  • 2007.07.11 – Soul & Bossa
  • 2007.11.21 – Music Of Antonio Carlos Jobim: Ipanema
  • 2009.03.04 – Cheek To Cheek -Jazz Standards from RIO
  • 2009.03.04 – Look To The Rainbow – Jazz Standards from L.A
  • 2010.03.05 – ASIA [5]

Best Collections

  • 1991.11.21 – O Melhor De Lisa(MIDI)
  • 1997.06.28 – AMIGOS
  • 1998.06.24 – Selecao (BMG)
  • 2000.02.23 – Colecao~the collection
  • 2002.03.06 – Ono Lisa Best 1997-2001 (EMI)
  • 2005.12.07 – Romance Latino Selection
  • 2008.05.21 – Ono Lisa Best 2002-2006 (EMI)
  • 2008.05.21 – Ono Lisa Best 1989-1996 (MIDI,BMG)[6]


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Jumat, 30 Juli 2010 | Label: |

10) ‘Don’t Stop’ Til You Get Enough ‘

Rilis: 1979
Album: ‘Off the Wall’
Tahukah Anda? Lagu itu MJ’s debut single dari ‘Off The Wall’ dan solo rekaman pertama yang ia kontrol dengan kreatif

9) ‘Rock With You’

Rilis: 1979
Album: ‘Off The Wall’
Tahukah Anda? Ini adalah salah satu lagu terakhir terbesar dari era disko, mencapai No 1 di kedua Pop charts dan R & B charts.

8) ‘Bad’

Rilis: 1987
Album: ‘Bad’
Tahukah Anda? Lagu ini pada awalnya ditetapkan menjadi duet antara Jackson dan Prince, tapi Prince menolak dan menyuruh Jackson dan produser Quincy Jones bahwa “lagu ini akan hebat tanpa saya.” video musik dari lagu tersebut lamanya 18 menit dengan Jackson diperankan seorang anak muda bernama Daryl yang pernah “buruk” dan mencoba untuk membuktikan kepada teman-teman lama, ia masih memiliki sisi yang lain setelah menghabiskan waktu di prep school

7) ‘Man in the Mirror’

Rilis: 1987
Album: ‘Bad’
Tahukah Anda? Ketika Jackson perform ‘Man in the Mirror’ pada Dangerous World Tour pada tahun 1992, akrobat Kinnie Gibson berpakaian seperti dia dan meninggalkan arena memakai jet pack.

6) ‘Smooth Criminal’

Rilis: 1987
Album: ‘Bad’
Tahukah Anda? Michael melakukan gerakan yang paling diingat di bidang musik video untuk ‘Smooth Criminal’, di mana ia nampaknya melawan gaya gravitasi dan maju tanpa tekukan dilututnya dan tetap berpijak pada tanah. Walaupun kabel digunakan saat pembuatan video, timnya mematenkan jenis sepatu khusus pada tahun 1993 dan Jackson memakai sepatu tersebut di atas panggung performance. Sebelum Michael bergerak maju, yang akan terjadi sepatu itu akan melekat pada panggung melalui pasak khusus, sehingga para fans kebingungan, “Bagaimana dia melakukan itu?”

5) ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’

Rilis: 1987
Album: ‘Bad’
Tahukah Anda? Michael menulis lagu ini sebagai respons atas ibunya, Katherine Ester, yang ingin menulis lagu dengan “ritme yang mengocok.” untuk 30th anniversary di tahun 2001, ia melakukannya bersama Britney Spears. Namun, di CBS Britney dipotong dari video dan performance dia tidak tampilkan.

4) ‘Wanna Be Startin’ somethin”

Rilis: 1983
Album: ‘Thriller’
Tahukah Anda? Frase pada akhir chorus – “Mama-se, mama-sa, mama-ma-coo-sa” – diambil dari 1973 lagu ‘Soul Makossa’, pemain saksofon Cameroonian oleh Manu Dibango. “Makossa” berarti “tari” di Duala, sebuah bahasa Cameroonian. Jackson tidak pernah lip-synched lagu ini sejak 1984.

3) ‘Beat It’

Rilis: 1983
Album: ‘Thriller’
Tahukah Anda? 25th Anniversary untuk kembali merilis’ Thriller ‘, yang termasuk remix berjudul’ Beat It 2008, ‘dengan fitur tambahan vocals oleh Fergie, meskipun parodi lagu yang dirilis pada tahun 1984 oleh “Weird Al” Yankovic telah jauh lebih populer. Lelucon itu, ‘Eat it,’ telah direkam dengan izin Michael dan memenangkan Grammy untuk Best Comedy Award.

2) ‘Billie Jean’

Rilis: 1983
Album: ‘Thriller’
Tahukah Anda? Lagu ini hampir dihapus dari ‘Thriller’ setelah terjadi perselisihan antara produser Quincy Jones dan Jackson. MTV dibawa ke dalam mainstream, dan dilaporkan pertama kalinya saluran video yang memfilmkan artis hitam.

1) ‘Thriller’

Rilis: 1983
Album: ‘Thriller’
Tahukah Anda? MTV menamakan 14-menit video itu sebagai video musik yang paling hebat sepanjang masa. ‘Thriller’ merupakan ketujuh dan terakhir dari satu rilis album dengan nama yang sama. Nama asli untuk lagu ‘Thriller’ adalah ‘Starlight Love’.

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